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To do any work an instinct is required and the outcome will definitely be awesome. So do the inlay work, the passion towards this art is clearly reflected through the work of marble inlay by the artisans. It adds beauty and elegance to decor. The Taj Mahal is famous around the world for its marble inlay work and beautiful architectural genius, which still didn’t loose its charm even after so many years. Simply using some words cannot describe the beauty of marble inlay work.

We are manufacture, exporter of marble inlay work and are proud to be the best in this field. As we are involved totally with our artists and always motivate them to experiment with their ideas the outcome is always appreciating. Hard work, durability and the uniqueness of the product can be tested and we are proud to say that our products pass all the tests. The table tops which we have are of different shapes and sizes. We use many types of semi precious and precious stones in our inlay work. Our table tops are liked a lot and are used for different purposes. Unexpectedly both italian and indian inlay art is used many a times to create outstanding art. The table tops which are carved by us are perfect to be kept at any place you want as they add a royal look to the place. They enhances the decor of the place where placed.




Hundreds and thousands of colored stone pieces are used in making an inlay art. The beautiful motifs are carved on the stones delicately and beautifully by hand. Total quality management is done to make sure that our product is flawless. We also have things made by totally using pietra dura art form. Having the largest collection of marble inlay work makes us feel proud and also for doing our part to save this dying art form. Few years back marble was only used by royal families and was considered as a status symbol after words by the rich people. But now a days it is liked and appreciated by all and people are using it to bring elegance in decor. It is quite common in interior designs as a feeling of richness is associated with it.

All the marble inlay work done by us in the traditional way only and thus we are able to create so charming and mesmerising patterns and designs. Our products are durable and weatherproof so can be used at any place. With the changing trends in this industry we are also upcoming with different ideas by using different types of raw material instead of using the same marble. We have many forms of bases to be carved and they comes in many colors which helps us to create more contrasting ideas and it also allows us to experiment. As this color is from the natural source and the inlay work done by using the natural colored stones so the outcome is simply mesmerising.



This is the art form in which colored big stones are carved forming patterns. It is basically having bigger stones as compared to the other inlay art. This was earlier done on table tops and small wall panels. But we experiment with this art and made many other things with this type of inlay work. It is the most beautiful and the elegant art form ever known. The word pietra dura in itself defines the hardness of the material as well as the hard work involved in this art. As marble is quite durable and strong it is really difficult job to carve on it. Our artisans does the engraving work by performing many stage work, which takes even weeks to finish a single piece of inlay art. The fashioning of highly illusionistic pictures is done in this art form. It was initially originated in Italy and later during mughal era came to India and much appreciated by people even today. It was mughal emperor Shahjahan who made changes with the initial form of pietra dura and asked the artisans to use colorful precious stones for inlay work.

We have things made up pietra dura form as well as marble inlay work. Some of the specially designed and crafted pietra dura art forms are with us and they are simply hypnotically amazing. Pietra dura art is generally done on black, white and even green colored stones. It is generally done on flat surfaces. As in pietra dura only big stones are used they are single pieces carved next to each other to form patterns. The work done by our artisans is so up to the mark that the gap between each and every piece is literally invisible. This stability and perfection is gained by shaping and placing the stone pieces minutely by hand.



The whole process involved in making an artifact using pietra dura is very complicated and involved labour that’s why it is not easy to estimate the cost of the product. That is why it is a valuable art form. Though not much people are aware of this art but it is said to be an oldest art form. The breathtaking art form is so complicated that it can’t be imagined. Only after seeing the delicate work done by the artisans and the hard work involved in this art form can be judged. A single piece of marble is taken for the inlay work and as no joints could be seen. This art is unique and of course the products made are durable and lasts long. The interior of any place becomes more graceful by placing our inlay marble artifacts.

It is not only an art form here but a tradition as this art is known by few people and is passed to next generation only. The artisans are gifted and this is totally a family business.only the skilled persons can do this art. The elaborated, highly intricate art and supremely rich art form pietra dura is a charm of priceless decor.

Marble is the most as we are expert in this trade we have some of the most beautiful marble medallion in India. A wide variety of marble medallion is available with us. We have the biggest display area and of course the biggest showroom in India which is having a wide range of marble inlay artifacts. Our marble medallion are famous for the superior finish and the intricate design patterns which are unique in itself. We polish each and every single stone separately also to get the perfect shine. Medallion are basically designed round in shape.

We create wonderful art works by using marble inlay work. Being for so long in this trade we are well established in marble inlay art. At our workshop customised designing of medallion is also done and that too by hand only. The best quality marble which is available in the market is used by us in making marble medallion. We are the most established company in making, exporting the marble medallion in India. The amazing finish and the superior looks of our marble medallion is just wonderful and totally flawless.




We don’t make marble medallion in India by using latest mechanical techniques. This work is totally carried out by hand and without using any machine. The skilled craftsmen does this work of inlay using the ancient techniques which was used by their forefathers. Work done by handcrafting is so perfectly done by the artisans that the joints are just impossible to find. The minuteness of the work can be imagined by the number of stones used in a single inlay piece which otherwise seems to be very small in itself but may have thousands of small pieces used to inlay the pattern in it.

Marble is the most popular and gracious stone for marble medallion in India. It has been used for so many years down the memory lane many historical buildings are standing gracefully which were made of marble inlay work. Our skilled professional workers are well trained and are masters of this art. Artists don’t only learn this art but they inherit it from their father and grandfather. It is a gift passed to a generation by another generation.

Floral patterns are beautifully inlaid in the center of the medallion. We offer perfectly finished products which are well polished. Only the finest marble is used in our medallions so as to give it durability and longevity. Our products being of high quality, scratch proof and gorgeous color are appreciated by many and are high on demand in the market. The medallions are very reasonably priced and are popular in the market. Owing to the uniqueness in our designs our products are in high on demand. The fusion created by our artisans of different sorts of stones and designing patterns is adorable. Our impressive designs and a big team working dedicatedly made us masters of this trade. Not only the marble medallion are available with us but many other marble inlay artifacts are available with us.